Tech Tip Tuesday: Microsoft Autorecover

Microsoft’s Autorecover is a lifesaver. Have you ever worked on a document in Microsoft Word or Excel for several hours and then accidentally clicked “Don’t Save” when closing the file to log off? Or maybe you experienced a power outage or your computer suddenly crashed. If you’re like me when this happens, you go straight to […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Two-Factor Authentication

Are your online accounts secure? We keep a lot of private information in online accounts, such as our home address, credit card numbers, and health details. Unfortunately, keeping other people from accessing our accounts has become increasingly difficult as is confirmed by the news reports of security breaches we hear over and over again. Fortunately, […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Network Speeds

What do you need to get gigabit speeds on your network? Last week our tip talked about the differences in cables and which type you would need to get gigabit speeds on your network. However, you need more than just cables to get gigabit speeds, you also need some gigabit-compatible hardware. Let’s take a look […]