Tech Tips: Sophos Security

Let’s talk security shall we.

Hackers come out with new ways to attack and steal our data all the time. At NetLink Solutions, we want to make sure that your security is one of our top priorities. We accomplish this by partnering with the best company out there to bring your network security to the next level.

We meet business owners every single day that want to make sure their data and company information is safe and secure from those dreaded hackers.  Ransomware and malware are now the normal threat these days and can ruin or create a huge setback for the small to mid-size business. We understand the importance of giving you comfort to know we are there, protecting you day in and day out. Your attention needs to continually be on growing your business. As your IT provider, we will grow right along with you and help you succeed!

Sophos is a leader in its industry. They provide us with optimal security for you: our client. Their software and hardware are top of the line and always improving.