Tech Tip Tuesday: Computer Replacement Plan

Do you have a plan? There are a lot of arguments for when and why you should buy a new computer. However, most IT professionals agree that 3-5 years is what you should expect out of the life of a machine on average. This means that for companies with a lot of computers to maintain, […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Firewalls

Firewalls are an important layer of security to keep your business and personal information secure.   While antivirus software helps to protect your system against unwanted programs, a firewall helps to keep attackers or external threats from getting access to your system in the first place. There are two basic types of firewalls: software firewalls and […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Browser Hijackers

Have you been redirected? Browser hijackers are a type of malware designed to change your browser’s settings. If you have a browser hijacker you might notice that your search gets redirected to a different website. Or you might see your homepage or search engine changed without your permission. Also, webpages will load slowly and you […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu

Change the Start menu’s size and shape By default, the Start menu will adjust its size based on the resolution of your screen, but if you want to change the size just mouse over the edge of the Start menu until the resize pointer appears, then click and drag to resize it, just as you […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Microsoft Autorecover

Microsoft’s Autorecover is a lifesaver. Have you ever worked on a document in Microsoft Word or Excel for several hours and then accidentally clicked “Don’t Save” when closing the file to log off? Or maybe you experienced a power outage or your computer suddenly crashed. If you’re like me when this happens, you go straight to […]