Tech Tip Tuesday: Updates

When did you last install Windows Updates? Windows updates always seem to install at the worst moments to interrupt our day, but why are they so important? Simply put, Windows Updates prevent problems. Not only do the updates address general bugs and issues of the Windows operating system to hopefully give you a smoother and […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Backups

Have you ever lost important files? Backups can mean the difference between a mild setback or living through your own personal disaster. Backing up your data is crucial. For businesses, data loss can cause days of lost productivity and can even lead to business failure. Individuals who don’t backup can lose cherished files like family […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Antivirus Protection

How important is having antivirus protection? Extremely. If you don’t have antivirus on your computer, you are at serious risk. You won’t have protection from spam emails and ads, identity theft and viruses that can attack and crash your entire computer. There are multiple types of software that are available to download that are also […]