IT Services

IT Services

Managed IT Services – full service IT solutions

At NetLink we don’t just manage IT services for your business, we manage solutions that best fit your unique needs. Our success is dependent on your success. We partner with you to understand your business, advise on best practices and implement the best technology services based on your unique business model. From there, we provide world-class support and constant monitoring of your network to prevent problems from ever occurring.

Our Managed IT Services provide infrastructure, support and strategic consulting for optimal performance.

Every NetLink service plan comes standard with:

Proactive Technology Management

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Server patch management
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Local data back-up and offsite replication

Network Administration

  • Software and license management
  • Vendor management
  • Monthly reports
  • Asset inventory

Office 365

  • Software installation
  • Up-to-date Microsoft Office suite

Technology consulting

  • Business review
  • Budget planning
  • Technology roadmap
  • Trend analysis
  • Business impact of technology decisions
  • Network recommendations

Reactive Support Services

  • Helpdesk support
  • Onsite support
  • Problem isolation and resolution
  • Tutorials
  • Customer portal
  • Mobile device support


We can create a customizable service plan to fit your business model.

Contact NetLink Solutions today to set up a free IT consultation and strategic planning meeting.



Project Services – network design, consultation and implementation

Sometimes you only need help with a piece of the puzzle. With over 100 years cumulative experience, we have the industry expertise to provide the right solution for any Link in the IT chain including consulting, design and implementation services.

Our project services team will assess your organization’s goals and desired outcomes then devise a plan to accomplish it on time and on budget. By focusing on your project, we can guarantee it won’t get lost in the everyday demands of your organization that so often delay projects. Instead, we’ll make it happen quickly and efficiently so you can start seeing the ROI.

Our project services benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Network audit including hardware and software
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Cost analysis
  • ROI analysis
  • Acquisition of hardware and software
  • Design and implementation
  • Migration services

Contact NetLink Solutions to discuss your project needs and get an implementation plan started today.

Hardware &

Hardware &

Hardware and Software Procurement – the right tools for the job.

Let NetLink Solutions help you get the correct equipment you need to do the job.

Purchasing hardware and software isn’t just about finding the lowest price, it’s about finding the solution that best fits your needs. Unfortunately, the perfect fit isn’t always readily available. Thousands of dollars are wasted by organizations everyday because they aren’t experts in hardware and software – nor should they be – so they succumb to automated online “shopping tools” that rarely fit their needs. What good is a piece of equipment if it doesn’t perform the tasks you actually need it to perform?

At NetLink we not only advise you on what equipment you need based on your specific organization, but we are a trusted partner with the top-rated hardware and software brands and have access to products not available to the individual consumer. We can also build-to-suit ensuring performance and delivery.

Our hardware and software procurement program includes:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Software licensing
  • Procurement
  • Installation and integration
  • Product purchase peace of mind

Contact NetLink Solutions to find out what equipment you need to expand, accelerate or enhance your business.

Backup &

Backup &

Backup and disaster recovery – safe and secure at three points of protection

Having access to your information is more important than ever; you can’t afford to let unforeseen circumstances interrupt your business. Disaster recovery plans are futile without the right backup solution. NetLink implements several procedures to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat no matter what type of disaster occurs.

Data is the new currency and when you lose it, it can translate into thousands of dollars lost.

Backups come in two types – image and data. At NetLink, we believe downtime is not only wasted time, but wasted money. The faster we get you back online, the faster we can return you to productivity. With image backup, we take an exact image of your system every hour. If your system crashes, we can replace the system with an exact image of your server as recently as one hour ago. This means no restoring of applications or uploading files, we simply replace it with the most recent image captured and you’re back in business.

Additionally, we protect your data at three points: file, local and offsite.

Don’t risk your business thousands of dollars by not having an image backup and three-point recovery plan, contact NetLink Solutions today.



Self-monitoring toolkit – to supplement your internal IT department.

Imagine how much stronger your internal IT department would be with their own support team. Our toolkit allows you to leverage our monitoring and anti-virus software, efficient ticketing system, and provides full integration to allow your IT department to seamlessly escalate any service needs. Reinforce the power of your IT department and see how quickly it improves your entire business.

Your IT department knows their needs best and by allowing them to utilize our services and powerful tools perfected over time, you’re strengthening your entire department at a minimum of the cost.

The self-monitoring toolkit includes:

  • Daily helpdesk backup
  • Access to NetLink tools and software
  • Ability to escalate service needs
  • Internal staff support

Contact NetLink Solutions to discuss your project needs and get an implementation plan started today.

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