5 Tips on Email Security for Small Businesses

5 Tips on Email Security for Small Businesses With over 96% of phishing email attacks delivered via email, the need for small businesses to have email security is more important than ever. A successful phishing attack can result in very expensive losses for a small business.  Worldwide, it’s estimated that businesses lose $17,700 every minute due to phishing attacks, and […]

Internet of Things – Good or Bad?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a massive web of interrelated computer devices that possess the ability to transfer data across networks because of the devices’ connection to the Internet. For example, if a company’s air conditioning unit can be controlled through an Internet-connected device such as a mobile phone or desktop, it belongs […]

Microsoft 365: Migrate or Get Left Behind

When it comes to the state of the cloud in 2019, Microsoft is clearly the world leader. The tech giant is not only one of the most trusted names among cloud services, but it also reigns over the $15 billion market for business productivity tools. Businesses are currently making the shift to Microsoft 365 so […]

Is Your Company Prepared for Windows 7 End of Life?

Windows announced last year that the end of Life for Windows 7 would begin January 2020. That means technical support and patches will no longer happen for Windows 7, which could put your computer and network at an increased security risk. The problem with all of this is a lot of PCs still use Windows […]