Tech Tip Tuesday: Outdated Technology

Is it worth running on outdated technology? When it comes to IT security, there’s nothing worse than aging hardware such as servers, routers or firewall equipment. Once this equipment reaches a certain age, it is no longer covered by warranty, it doesn’t support new updates and it is more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Not to […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Antivirus

More is always better, right? Antivirus is a program that launches when you boot your PC and stays running in memory, protecting you in real time from viruses and all other forms of malware. The antivirus has a background, always-on scanning feature that’s enabled by default. When you download a file, load a program, or […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Cyber Attacks

Do you think your company is immune to cyber attacks? Just because a company is small doesn’t mean its business is immune to cyberattacks. Owners of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may feel that hackers go for big companies, but more and more cybercriminals view SMBs as naive and often as easy marks. This is especially […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Cluttered Computer

Do you feel like your computer is running slow or taking longer to boot? Computers get cluttered. One source of clutter on your computer is unneeded programs. These programs can run in the background hogging memory and slowing down the programs that are important to you. Sometimes a program is responsible for bugging you with […]