Manufacturing Industry Guide on Cloud Services and Keeping Data Secure

Historically, the manufacturing industry has been rather slow to adopt new technology. However, with the rise of machine to machine learning and the invaluable data it provides, best in class manufacturers are adopting new technology and investing in cloud services. Cloud services allow manufacturers a multitude of new efficiencies unlike ever before. A few examples […]

Beware of Spear Phishing and Gift Card Scams

Trying to manage holiday schedules, end-of-year deadlines and festive gatherings can have you running pretty thin this time of year. Unfortunately, cybercriminals take advantage of these distractions and utilize this time of year to go spear phishing with your employees. Barracuda Networks, a leading email security solution, recently published a report stating holiday gift card […]

Technology Solutions to Protect Your Data

The Three Best Technology Solutions to Protect Your Company’s Data It’s the job of every IT professional to protect your company’s data. And as ransomware, data storage and backup/disaster recovery become more sophisticated so too does your job of keeping your company’s data safe. At Netlink Solutions, we offer technology solutions that best fit your […]