Managed IT services firm opens in Broken Arrow, servicing Tulsa area clients

NetLink Solutions is the newest provider in managed IT services offering solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. With a cumulative 114 years of experience in managed services, project services, hardware and software procurement, backup and disaster recovery, and self-monitoring services, NetLink is a new provider with a long history in customer-focused, response-driven IT solutions.

“Providing IT solutions for clients is not a new concept for the team at NetLink Solutions,” said Bret Grady, owner. “What’s special about NetLink Solutions is the team of individuals who share a common goal: to be accessible, accountable and provide solutions-based responses to every client, every time.”

Protecting company data is more important than ever in a society that is increasingly dependent on a connected, secure network to perform everyday business tasks.

IT systems failures are more than a workday annoyance; they can have a costly, reputation-damaging impact on companies. According to a survey by CA Technologies, small enterprises lost, on average, more than $55,000 in revenue due to IT failures each year, while midsize companies lost more than $91,000 and large companies lost more than $1,000,000.

“The key to minimizing IT downtime and lost productivity is more than just having an on-call service provider. It’s about having a trained expert evaluate your network and be able to identify potential threats and put solutions into place to minimize risks should a system fail or security be breached,” said Grady.

Additionally, NetLink partners with in-house IT departments, providing a network of resources and customizable services to complement and support internal teams.

“Whether a business needs to completely outsource their IT services or simply wants to create a customized package of services to reinforce their own internal department, we can create solutions to provide the link between their business and technology,” said Grady.

About NetLink Solutions

NetLink Solutions is a leading business technology consulting and managed IT service provider. We design and build meaningful IT and internet solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Focusing on elevating the client’s use of business information technology, NetLink provides managed IT services, IT outsourcing services, IT consulting and CIO services. Believing that one size does not fit all, NetLink works with its clients in many industries to discover their business IT needs, and align IT with their strategies.